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Baia Food, Ltd
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About enterprise Baia Food, Ltd

Ltd. "Baia - Food" produces 15 kinds of grain  flour with some additives and without them.

"Baia " porridges are made from the various kind of grain flour. Berries are  drying on a strictly defined temperature, and then recycled on a soft mode with a special equipment and packed in a polypropylene bags , which are placed in cardboard boxes. "Baia " - porridges do not contain any artificial chemical additives : aromatizer, emulsifiers and other. It is a natural product which is rich with carbohydrates, proteins , fats, vitamins and trace elements . It contains tissue which regulates the level of cholesterol in blood and protects gastrointestinal irritation.

According to experts tissue containing foods reduces the risk of development of colon cancer and diabetes. Thus, grain flour " Baia " is the best product of healthy food , which is very important in today's environment .



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